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Exploring the Human Body

Enjoy a nice treat after creating your very own model of a strand of DNA! This model can be created using a bag of gummy bears, a bag of twizzlers, toothpicks, and scissors.

DIY Stethoscope

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Understand the complex process of oxygen transportation throughout the body using a homemade diagram of you lungs! To do this, you will need a plastic water bottle, a straw, an elastic band, scissors, two balloons, and playdough.


Exploring the Human Body

There are hundreds of tiny pieces that go into making up the human body, including 206 bones, 78 organs, and about 600 muscles, and these resources can be helpful in exploring those smaller pieces.

  • Here's a video by the amoeba sisters explaining the basic functions of the human body systems. For more detailed videos on a particular system, check out the amoeba sisters body systems playlist here!

  • Check out this link to explore all of the different muscles, bones, and organs that make up a human!