Archimedes principle of buoyancy is demonstrated in this fun experiment using paper towels, aluminum foil, a container full of water, scissors, a ruler, a pen, and a permanent marker!

Light and Refraction

Learn how light refraction works with paper, a pen, and a glass of water! In the process, learn how to do a magic trick using a penny, glass, water, and a plate!

Static Electricity

You would think it would be impossible to separate salt from pepper after pouring them in a pile together, but static electricity helps us prove that wrong. Along with many other things, static electricity can also cause water to bend. The salt and pepper experiment can be completed using a plastic spoon, a piece of cloth, and salt and pepper. The water bending experiment only requires a plastic comb, a stream of water( a sink), and dry hair.



Buoyancy is the tendency of an object to float in water or other substances and is important in things such as keeping boats above water!

  • Confused about the property of Buoyancy? This website explains the property in detail and also provides a useful simulation to demonstrate the property.

Light and Electricity

Light and electricity have been extremely important in improving life function on Earth, and it's interesting to understand how it works!

  • This simulation demonstrates how bending light works

  • Use this simulation to explore the properties of static electricity!